Ouvrages collectifs

Publié le : 23 mai 2018

Ouvrages collectifs J. Cagé

L'auteur : Julia Cagé

  • The Devil is in the Detail: Christian Missions’ Heterogeneous Effects on Development in sub-Saharan Africa” (avec Valeria Rueda). In: The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History (2017), Stelios Michalopoulos et Elias Papaioannou, p.98-109. CEPR Press (VOX eBook).
  • The Economics of the African Media”. In: Handbook of Africa and Economics (2015),Célestin Monga et Lin, Justin, p.605-625. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Measuring Policy Performance: Can we do Better than the World Bank?”. In Industrial Policy and Economic Transformation in Africa (2015), Akbar Noman and Stiglitz, Joseph, p.268- 292. Columbia: Columbia University Press.